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Boo-nana Bread (w/ Nuts)

Boo! This banana bread will make you scream with delight as you enjoy the fluffy, moist breading, bits of walnut pieces, and a brown sugar topping that gives a satisfying, crispy crunch.

Devil copy.png


Sugar-coated strawberry slices sit atop this banana bread filled with succulent strawberry pieces and a hint of vanilla. Beware! Demons will attempt to possess you to try this bread.

Skull copy.png

Boo-nana Bread (w/o Nuts)

No bones about it, this will be the best banana bread you’ve ever had! Without walnuts, enjoy the fluffy, moist breading and brown sugar crunch topping.

IMG_3521 copy.jpg
Witch copy.png


A dash of vanilla and a sprinkle of pistachio, this concoction will put a spell on you! With a vanilla drizzle and pistachio crumbles, for those who enjoy savoriness with their sweets.

Mummy copy.png

Peanut Butter

The curse of the boo-nana bread has been awoken! Banana bread with a peanut butter base, topped with a peanut butter drizzle.

Vampire copy.png


Let the right bread in! With a blueberry and banana base, sprinkled with more bluberries and drizzled with a honey vanilla icing, you won't be able to resist this loaf. For those with a sweet tooth, you'll have a craving for blueberry blood!

Creature copy.png

Red Apple Cinnamon

We know that one of the best fruit combinations is apples and bananas! Add a touch of cinnamon with a vanilla icing drizzle, and you have a meal that even The Creature from the Black Lagoon would fall in love with.

Zombie copy.png


Send…more…paramedics…for brains! Bits of brains (cranberries) are mixed in with the loaf for an extra sweet flavor in every bite. Add apples for an even more delicious, bloody taste!

Werewolf copy.png


It must be a full moon! The stomach will growl for more of this marbled vanilla and chocolate banana bread, topped with a white chocolate drizzle and walnut crumbles.

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