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After a full 24 hours of baking and preparing for the Denver Witches' Ball, I was ready to get the show on the road. It was a harrowing 24 hours at that, wondering if I was going to bake enough loaves, if I was going to bake those loaves in time, and if the weather was going to stop people from coming to the event, as we had a snow storm hit us overnight.

I wasn't sure what to expect, with this being my first event and all, as well as it being witch-themed, which I am not. However, when I first arrived to the Denver Highlands Event Center basement to set up my booth, I knew I was in a safe space of welcoming people.

It had reminded me of the Renaissance fair at first impression, with the jingling outfits and the hanging crystals and the scented candles and soaps. I had wondered if my brand would fit in with the witch theme, but as I walked around and saw other booths I noticed that some also sold non-witchy things.

After I had set up my booth, it garnered much of the attention of some of the other vendors there. People walked up to ask questions about samples and other inquiries, and before I knew it, it was time to "open up shop".

The vendors around me were such nice people that I loved talking to and getting to know. Most of them were quite experienced, and were more than willing to offer advice and tips on how to run a booth, and future events to vend at. It was a great way to meet kind people as much as it was a great networking experience.

Throughout the night, loaves were flying off the table. The samples were gobbled down and some guests even bought loaves without trying a sample! Popular flavors included Strawberry, Peanut Butter, and Red Apple Cinnamon. I nearly sold out, which was completely unexpected! Especially considering the weather.

I couldn't have done this all without the help of my friend Haven, too. He was massive help in packaging and preparing, as well as assisting at the Ball. Thank you for your assistance, Haven!

I look forward to more events to come!

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