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Take A Peek At Future Frightening Flavors!

At the time of this blog post, Sean of the Bread has eleven delicious flavors of Boo-nana Bread. When he's not baking, Sean's concocting ideas for all types of bread!

Currently, the flavors are:

Original (w/ nuts) - ghost

Original (w/o nuts) - skeleton

Blueberry* - vampire

Strawberry - devil

Red Apple Cinnamon - swamp monster

Peanut Butter - mummy

Piña Colada - tiki monster

S'mores - Bigfoot

Chocolate - werewolf

Pistachio - witch

Cranberry - zombie

*the most popular flavor!

Meanwhile, upcoming flavors that Sean has in mind are:

Green Apple Caramel*

Clown Confetti - clown

Maple Syrup*


Snickers - alien

*monster ideas needed!

Do any of these flavors sound absolutely delicious? Or horrible? Let me know your thoughts! Comment below, or send me a message with thoughts, ideas, and suggestions!

Stay Spooked! 👻

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